[Log entry 6]

There was a binary solar system in the archives I had to study when I was a youngling. It raised my fascination like nothing else. The dynamics and gravitational balance seemed to be perfect. There were 15 small planets, 4 large gas giants, and 726 moons. One of these moons was completely made of Zirconium … Continuă lectura [Log entry 6]

[Log entry 5]

[Continued from previous Log] The most anomalous and out-of-place creature on this planet is the type of humanoid which (in it's own self-awareness) calls itself "human" . The true origin is in fact unknown, although many theories flow abundently through different circles. Having "evolved" with no natural defense towards any type of environment or predators, this type … Continuă lectura [Log entry 5]

[Log entry 4]

Studying this planet, I found out some amazing things... Since long forgotten times, this rock has had a substantial amount of water covering around 70% of it's surface. These bodies of water are salt water. Oceans and seas harbour an impressive amount of different species lurking around both the surface and the darkest depths. Life itself here, began … Continuă lectura [Log entry 4]