[Log entry 16]

One of the things which intrigued us about this planet, is the abundance of life regardless of humans. As some may have obviously noticed, there are those who fight to save endangered species (which in itself is a noble act), but on the other hand there are so many other new species being born, and … Continuă lectura [Log entry 16]

[Log entry 15]

One of our supervisors told us her story while we were on our way back from a mapping mission of a solar system, in a galaxy nearby. Some of the things she saw were heartbreaking, while others were just so inspiring. On one of her missions, she was assigned to a planet on which things went … Continuă lectura [Log entry 15]

[Log entry 9]

Vegetation. It sucks up radiation from the main star, draws other compounds from the surrounding environment, churns them into different chemical elements, to just excrement beneficial light chemical elements back into the environment, which in turn mix with other chemical elements and form a sort of cocktail-mix called air, which is vital to human existence...fascinating