[Log entry 15]

One of our supervisors told us her story while we were on our way back from a mapping mission of a solar system, in a galaxy nearby. Some of the things she saw were heartbreaking, while others were just so inspiring. On one of her missions, she was assigned to a planet on which things went south. The people there began developing and using technologies way before they could understand the implications of it. She said that she was sent there as an advisor to the last monarch. The planet looked split. There was a last patch of life there, no bigger than a small village. The rest of the planet seemed to be frozen in black. The trees were black, the buildings black, poeple frozen in black, the animals and birds frozen in black, like everything was frozen in black, scorched by darkness. It looked like even the air was black. The remaining settlement was the only patch of color and life out there. The border between the dead areas and the settlement was so intense, it was like when you cut a piece of cheese with a very very sharp knife. The remaining people were sending small salvaging missions to look for whatever pieces of technology they could find, in order to help them survive or better yet, develop a way to get off the planet and relocate. The monarch was very worried, because there were less and less people who could actually know how to use salvaged tech, let alone develop one which could help them. Before he died, an older scientist developed a signal transmitter/receiver, which was used to get in contact with us. It was lucky it was our race who heard them, otherwise who knows what might have happened to them. Their resources were less and less abundant. Imagine a flashlight light on a wall in total darkness. This was their last stance against the darkness. Plants were dying quicker, people were getting sicker…After her meeting with the monarch, our supervisor sent all the gathered data to her supervisors, who in turn created an artificial temporary environment for the survivors. After a few weeks, the survivors were taken off their planet and relocated in the artificial environment. Of what I know now, soon after relocating, a small moon was found which met the amospheric and environmental needs of those people. And so, they were again relocated there. They adapted quickly and perfectly, and started rebuilding their society. A sad story with a happy ending, I might say. A lesson for us all, that whatever technology we develop is a great responsibility in our hands. It will either bring outstanding advances, or destroy everything. The holder brings the outcome.             

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