[Log entry 14]

[…continued from previous entry]

2. Empathy. The ability to absorb and relate to someone else’s emotional state and/or situaton. Humans are born with this ability also, but some time during their childhood, they end up supressing this side of themselves more and more. It’s amazing that they got so far with so little control over their thoughts and emotional state. Of course there are events which cause terrible pain, but as self-proclaimed „superior race” on this planet, they could at least develop a wish to learn about self-control and self-improvement…they could, but choose to sweep sh*t under the carpet, than fix their own minds.But for the ones who chose a different path, being an empath, not only means that they absorb(or should I rather say duplicate?) other’s emotional state, they have the ability to internally transform it, and then send it back to the sender(the one who was the bearer of the energy). Some sort of emotional alchemists, would be a good analogy. We all know the vicious circle of „our thoughts control our emotions and our emotions control our thoughts”. And when I say emotions, I mean ALL emotions from self-doubt to fear to love to gratitude. For example, Y feels really low today. Something he heard passing by a crowd of people, made him lose his self confidence. He acknowledges that he feels this way but will not put it on anyone. Y stays quiet, does his thing, and all of a sudden X shows up and, X being X, brightens up the surrounding „energies” with a few jokes, some good, some bad, but does the job, nonetheless. Y starts not to feel so low and absorbs the transformed „energy”. Y becomes his usual self, chatty and cheerful. Now behind the scenes, what happened here? A crowd shared a low-level ideology, which happened to pass on to Y. Y, being a different type of human, absorbed it and locked it in, getting lost in it. X, on the other hand, „felt drawn” to go to the place where Y was. Having a stronger natural ability, instantly checked the „energy”, absorbed, transformed, and released back into the environment, the product of his ability: transmuted energy, which passed not only onto Y, but on to the rest of the people present. This is a classic example of „how it works”.

Now, to mix their abilities, and give you another example, here’s another story of X and Y: One day, X and Y go to school. After class, on a break, Y has his guard down, and can’t filter out other people’s thoughts and intentions. It’s like having the TV or radio on satic for a few hours, with a very loud volume. So, Y sends the message ” I need help here, I’m losing grip!” He thinks this message a few times, and all of a sudden X shows up and starts making some jokes, people start laughing and meanwhile, Y gets a grip long enough to get the guard up again and filter out the noise. So, again, what happened behind the scenes? Y was down, absorbed some useless poisonous mind junk from the environment, not knowingly, made them his own. But not for long, because as soon as he got a sense of what was happeneing he asked for help. The one to hear him loudest was X. Hearing and acknowledging what happened, X took action immediately. Now X and Y have the same abilities, but being different people from different backgrounds, the development of the abilities relied solely on their will. and access to information. X developed his empathy skill more, and Y developed his telepathy skill more. So you see, as naive or idiotic as we want to think of these humans, they have natural sets of abilities which even if supressed, can be brought up to light again…because they are not extinguished, just covered up. And if they so choose, they will uncover them again.

[to be continued]

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