[Log entry 13]

Humans and their natural abilities are a serious matter to be discussed here. Something happened a long time ago, and for some reason, in such a wonderful time they live, these ideas keep propagating and supressing them. You, interdimensioanls know what I’m talking about here, so for the ones that don’t, here’s some awsome facts that might explain why other races choose to just observe them.

1. Humans are born with hightened intuition. Now, for those of you who don’t know what that is, intuition is the „gut feeling” or the „I just know”-type of sensation. It manifests when least expected, or can be acknowledged, accepted and trained. That’s the beauty of it. It is one of the main denied abilities humans use extensively everyday. For example, X and Y have school together. X has a class, and Y has a different class. After lunch, X has to do an assignment which is partly dependent on Y. All of a sudden, Y walks towards X’s class, completely forgetting he has a sports class. Y meets X, they finish the assignment for X, and then X asks Y why he went there when he had something else to do. Y, not knowing how to explain „You told me you needed me here, but you told me with your mind” would rather choose to lie to X, even if X suspected that he was heard via mind. Neither would get into it, and both would deny out loud what happned, and probably dismiss such occurences, saying it is „intuition”. In this example, telepathy recieved the accepted replacement word „intuition”. Now what really happened, is X sent a message, Y received it, acknowledged it, and acted upon it. If it would work vice-versa, depends on X’s ability to „hear”. This is how most humans currently approach such ability. The sadest thing is that they do this everyday, and have a hard time accepting out loud, even if in their core, it’s what they crave the most: connection. [to be continued…]

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