[Log entry 12]

Routine and habit are something very dear to humans. In certain circles, it is called addiction. They build a routine out of looking at their little pocket virtual world, so much that they can’t distinguish fantasy from reality. They end up so addicted to those petty little worlds, that breaking out of them would litterally cause them physical pain (like any other addiction).  Of course, they would rather point fingers and become agressive towads the ones that choose not to use such things as often as them, or for the same reasons as they do (this is the point where they use their creative potential to invent things about people, called gossip). They love pretending that others have a problem, when it’s exactly them who have a problem and pass it on, like a virus. It could be a virus. A mentality virus. It could also be that they are so weak and so caught up in a circling ideology, that they feed astral worms (or who knows what type of entities) to the point that they can’t ecape them. They become a food source by thinking certain thoughts and feeling certain low-level emotions, entirely controlled by the parasites they feed. Like any other self-aware invasive entity, when they feel a threat, they become defensive, agressive, or even violent. A threat to such entites can be any other benevolent entity, or human who has the ability to judge obectively, control their own thought patterns, feel unconditional love, gratitude, or any high-level emotion. Another thing to keep in mind, is that such entities can travel from human to human almost instantaneously, without the human even knowing it. People who do manage to see them, will mostly end up seeing a shadow in their periferal vision, or feel sudden hatred, fear, vulnerability etc, more intense than an event can cause. Note that whenever this happens, one has to ground first(imagine a light coming from the core of the Earth, going up their spine, and spreading in their body, with the eyes open or not, walking or not, standing, sitting or laying down, it doesn’t matter as long as they center themselves), and invoke inside themselves a high-level feeling (love, gratitude etc), and create (imagine) a shield of light around themselves, in order to protect themselves. I do not know if such entities can be destroyed, but I know humans can protect themselves from them. If anyone has ever destroyed such an entity, they also know that as long as humans exist, so will they, because they shelter in human doubts, low self-esteem, sadness etc, feeding back and forth until such internal matters agravate. Of course, it also is a matter of personal choise, whether one choses to control, or be controlled.

The human body is limited, the human mind is not, and knowing this, I keep marveling at the beauty of human strength in the field of the mind, because anyone can pack a punch…

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