[Log entry 11]

In one of our rookie missions, my partner and I were sent to a place on our planet which was hit by some sort of EM storm. The area was mostly desert, the settlements there being concentrated around small pockets of underground fresh water. The nearby rocky terraces served as greenhouses for growing fruit trees, which in turn were the food source for a type of worm similar to silk worms.

After the EM storm, the settlements were left damaged. Everything ran on electric circuitry, from air and water pumps to sewage and other important infrastructure elements. We were sent there to gather survivors after a few explosions ravaged the area and take them to a different area for shelter, food and medical care.

We arrived at our destination in a large land ship. We turned on our artificial air bubbles and started looking for people in a very damaged area. Smoke and rubble was everywhere. We found injured people under and around rubble and got them to safety. At the last look-around an earthquake hit and a wall collapsed on my bubble. It broke and the poisonous air began filling up my lungs. I barely got back to the ship, crawling and gasping for air…the sight of distorted bodies and blood will haunt me forever…along with the pain and desperation in people’s eyes…some rookie mission, huh?

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