[Log entry 7]

All of you who wish to visit this place, need to read this first. As a long term inhabitant of this Gem, I wish to lay a few lines which should aid you as a guide.

1. When you get here, make sure the transportation is as discrete as possible. If you have invisibility, make sure it is activated from at least one light-year away, during entry, during your stay, and during your launch, including at least one light-year away after you leave. The natives are very sensitive and become agressive very quickly.

2. Make sure to wear whatever integrated disguise tech you have. You need to look just like them…unless you naturally look exactly like them. If they even catch a glimpse of an „outsider”, or „alien” as they preffer to say, in the best case scenario, you get struck by a flying beer can, and in the worst case scenario, you get shot at with primitive weaponry, such as forks. Either way, they respond with violence. But not all of them…I’ll leave this for a later discussion.

3. Interaction with them should only be done via universal translator. Under no circumstance are you allowed to communicate in your native tongue with them. If you do so, you will do it at your own risk.

4. Stay away from crowded places, as the natives tend to transform from gentle, creative beings, into mercyless, selfish brutes, in less time than you can say „Boo!”. If you do eventually venture in such places, make sure to use whatever means necessary to smell like the boxes in which they store and/or dispose of their unnecessary food and other goods. This will definitely create a sort of natural barrier which they can’t cross, thus preventing any act of theft or violence.

5. Make sure you have „money”. The local currency of the place you visit will open countless doors for you, not to mention feed you. Unless you find native’s flesh a delicasy. In this case, you should venture into dark alleys and keep as quiet as you can.

Note that this planet is excellent for those who love and practice extreme sports! Enjoy!

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